Being relatively young at 24, I’ve progressed quickly through the formats of ITU junior & U23, to 5150/non-drafting Olympic distance to now firmly settling on 70.3 as a goal distance. In having so many changes in format & distance in a short space of time, while my body & endurance is still developing, I find a good marker to use is that of yearly improvement. For example, what have I already done this year that I hadn’t done last year, are my times or power better this year than last (though some things have slowed down since stopping ITU), or simply am I just in a better place this time around? In comparing the short two and a-bit months of 2014, I can easily say already that I’ve found improvement since last year in many ways. 

I’m reflecting on this because I’m just about to engage in my first race of the year in Batemans Bay, a three hour drive South of Sydney. It’s an inaugural Challenge event, one of four the organization has added to the Australian domestic calendar. It’s a really good field, especially considering Pete Jacobs the 2012 Ironman World Champion is racing. I should be nervous, but I’m not. The first race of the season is always difficult for a number of reasons, but I’m not putting pressure on myself because I already know in the bigger picture that I’m much healthier, fitter and happier than this time last year.... 


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