Here's a little bit of footage from the Up The Buff Trail Race, which doubled as the South-East Queensland trail running championships. I finished first with a course record time of 1.52.04, an average of 4.24/km pace. The race was perfect timing for me in the middle of Subic Bay 70.3, and Putrajaya 70.3, two weeks either side of both events, and it was a unique opportunity for a strength/tempo run hit out. 

The course was 25km with 940m of elevation gain, essentially straddling the border between QLD & NSW. Nothing but mountain running madness, evidence of which is the fact my buddy could only film me on the downhills, most of the course was too hilly and simply unrideable. Though it should be noted he definitely wasn't fit enough for the challenge!

For 1st place, both myself & the female winner have earned a free trip Queenstown NZ to compete in the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon in Feburary 2016. It should be a pretty cool first outing in the 42.2, something which I'll look to use as training for my first build into Ironman racing in 2016. Check out the Shotover race below!