Aussie Josh Amberger has quite an impressive resume to his name and we expect to see much more from him. Last year as a rookie at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona he moved into the limelight with an impressive swim and lead quite a while on the bike. In the end he finished 29th, but many lessons were learned. We followed up with him about his swimming and much more. 

Slowtwitch: Thank you for your time.

Josh Amberger: Of course. Let’s kick this off

ST: What are you getting ready for as we speak?

Josh: I’ve got Ironman South Africa in a little under 6 weeks now. I’m looking forward to hitting this race again, as last years’ race in South Africa I took a big defeat but also celebrated my first Ironman finish. Now that I’m a year into the distance, I feel like I can prepare for it much better than last year, where I fully bombed out on the bike leg after trying to ride with Wurf, Hoffman and Frommhold on a sub-8 day. I had the Super League pilot race 2 weeks before IMSA last year, which unsurprisingly didn’t turn out to be conducive to long distance racing, so I look forward to having less distractions leading into the race this year. 

ST: No distractions?

Josh: It was great to be part of, but Super League just didn’t help the preparation for Ironman. It was a brutal 3 days of racing, and not possible to prepare for adequately as an Ironman athlete, training for and Ironman two weeks later. The whole idea of it though, apart from taking up the unique opportunity, was to develop some hardness against athletes much better than myself, and to just to be forced to deal with uncomfortable situations as best I could. 

ST: I hear you, but I actually meant, are there no other distractions for you now. Along those lines, how much of the year are you based in Australia?

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