Well after a very long winter, which is still not over, Florida 70.3 was here.  Thinking about that day gave me the motivation I needed to fuel each and every workout I had to complete indoors. 


A few buddies of mine decided to make this a group trip for the race to try and save some coin, ended up working out very well.  We ended up flying down on the Thursday in order to get used to the heat, considering the warmest day we had was probably -2 back home!  Prior to the race we got a few good rides in, some runs and a few dips in the gator infested lake!  Luckily nothing happened.


Going into the race I have never felt any better or fit as I did at that point in training or in my career.  I was hitting each goal for every single workout.  This got me very excited to toe the line. Everything that I usually did pre race was done and it was time to get the wetsuit on.


Swim:  First time I have ever done an M-Shaped course and I hope it’s the last.  Being in the last wave also didn’t help.  I had a plan to try and stay wide on each out and back, but it seems like that backfired on me as I ended up taking a way longer path.  What felt good and fast ended up being very slow!  Tough shit, time to hit it on the bike. (32:32 BARF)


Bike:  The bike is usually my best of the 3 and it didn’t disappoint on that day.  Right from the start it was pedal to the metal.  I train with power but I don’t race with it.  Like Josh mentioned on the podcast while talking with Sebastien Kienle, IT’S A RACE, ALL OR NOTHING!!!  That’s what I kept telling myself.  Being in the last wave I blew by the entire field.  Biked alone he entire time doing the passing and not getting passed once.  At that point I knew things were on. (2:14)


Run:  This part has killed me in the past during hot races, but today was different.  I was able to manage the heat by getting as much ice as possible at each aid station and getting it down my shorts, front and back.  The best way to stay cool.  My goal was to run a 4min/k in the heat but ended just over that.  The 3 loop course was great and made it a little easier on the mental side.  (1:25)


Overall, a great first race to the season.  Ended up 22nd overall and 4th amateur.  Happy with the result, but now moving my sights to Rev3 Knoxville Championship race May 18.


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